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        Guanidine Carbonate
        Name: Guanidine carbonate
        CAS No.: 593-85-1;100224-74-6;3425-08-9
        EC NO: 209-813-7
        Molecular formula: CH5N3·2CH2O3
        Molecular weight: 183.1201
        Characteristics: White crystal or powder. Solubility at 20 DEG C : 42g/100g in water, 0.55g/100g in methanol. Almost insoluble in acetone, benzene, and ether.
        Use: Mainly used in flame retardants, flocculants, foaming agents, sulfa drugs, used as raw materials in synthetic detergent synergist and high-end cosmetics.
        Package, Storage:

        25 kg plastic woven bag lined with plastic bag. Store in a cool and dry place, keep away from sun and rain, and prevent moisture.

        Quality index Index Value
        Industrial grade Medicinal grade
        Exterior White crystal White powder
        content≥ 99% 99.5%
        20% water solution Colorless transparent Colorless transparent
        Water≤ 0.2% 0.05%
        Ash≤ 0.4% 0.05%
        PH(4% 25°C) 11.4±0.4 11.4±0.4
        Heavy metals 10 PPM MAX 10 PPM MAX



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