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        Amino sulfonic acid uses

        The use of sulfamic acid
        Amino sulfonic acid is widely used in acid cleaning agents such as boiler cleaning, cleaning agents for metal and ceramic equipment; cleaning agents for heat exchangers, coolers and engine water cooling systems; cleaning agents for food industry equipment; textile and printing and dyeing industry Additives; daily products and industrial surfactants of the sulfonation agent; paper industry bleaching, metal plating, amino plastic coagulation aids; oil industry foaming agent; swimming pool, cooling towers, paper mill water cleaning agents; Furan clay curing agent and the production of derivatives of sulfamic acid and so on. The following uses of p-sulfamic acid are summarized below.
        Cleaning agent
        Chemical acid cleaning, the most used acid is hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid, but hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid strong, cleaning agent on the corrosive metal materials, while in the cleaning process to produce acid mist, the environment pollution, after the formation of cleaning A large number of precipitates, cleaning process complex.
        Amino sulfonic acid with hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid the same strong acid, but the corrosion is much smaller. With sulfamic acid as a metal cleaning agent, cleaning does not produce acid mist, cleaning without solid precipitate formation, can greatly shorten the cleaning process, and sulfamic acid is a non-hygroscopic, non-burning, non-explosive solid acid , Transport convenience, the use of security. Therefore, domestic and foreign widely used in heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators, storage tanks, industrial boilers and life boilers and industrial and civilian equipment cleaning.
        2. Sulfonating agent
        Domestic use of fatty acid polyoxyethylene ether sulfate (AES), are the use of SO3, fuming sulfuric acid, chlorosulfonic acid and other sulfonating agent, the use of these sulfonating agent, not only serious corrosion equipment, production equipment complex, large investment, and Product color deep. The use of sulfamic acid as a catalyst to produce AES, with a simple equipment, corrosive, ease of response, easy to control and so on.
        Domestic and foreign chemical fiber and pulp bleaching process, the widespread use of chlorine or sodium hypochlorite bleach, need to increase the sulfamic acid as a stabilizer to reduce the degradation of fiber molecules, improve product whiteness and mechanical strength.
        4. Synthetic sweetener
        Aminosulfonic acid reacts with aminohexane to form hexylsulfamic acid and its salts.

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